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Samurai S710SC-KI 18oz Kinari Selvedge Jeans – Slim Straight

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The Samurai Kinari Selvedge Jeans are a captivating blend of craftsmanship and natural aesthetics. Breaking away from their traditional dyeing techniques, Samurai presents a remarkable pair in an exquisite ecru shade. These jeans feature an exclusive 18oz. Kinari selvedge denim, made of Samurai's super rare and renowned "Homemade" cotton (Samurai Cotton Project). Retaining the distinctive slub and nep characteristics, the fabric undergoes a meticulous factory wash process, enhancing its unique texture. Embracing the natural theme, Samurai replaces the Lamé blend Selvedge ID with an earthy brown color.

With a medium rise and slim straight cut, the Samurai Kinari Selvedge Jeans offer a slightly tapered fit that exudes modern sophistication. Made from 100% Japanese cotton, these jeans boast a low tension weave and showcase Samurai's signature cotton jacquard pockets. The ensemble is adorned with the iconic "Hinode" Rising Sun iron buttons, complemented by copper rivets and a sheepskin leather patch. The raised belt loops add an additional touch of elegance.

To preserve the authenticity of the cotton, the jeans are left undyed and bleaching-free, resulting in the mesmerizing kinari color—an embodiment of ecru or beige. This captivating hue is achieved by utilizing every fragment of cotton, including stems and leaves that are typically discarded. Samurai has developed a unique thread that encapsulates the inherent beauty of the natural fibers. Woven on vintage looms, the result is a stunning kinari color with a distinct, heavy, and uneven texture, making these jeans truly one-of-a-kind.

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled artistry of the Samurai Kinari Selvedge Jeans, meticulously crafted in Japan. Indulge in the allure of nature and embrace a garment that celebrates the raw elegance of unadulterated cotton.

  • Samurai Kinari Selvedge Jeans
  • S710SC-KI
  • Medium Rise /Slim Straight / Slightly Tapered
  • 100% Japanese Cotton
  • 18oz Kinari Selvedge Denim
  • Low Tension Weave
  • Super Thick Uneven & Irregular Yarns
  • Samurai Cotton Jacquard Pockets
  • “Hinode”Rising Sun Iron Buttons
  • Copper Rivets
  • Sheep Skin Leather Patch
  • Raised Belt Loops
  • Rinsed: Minimal Shrinkage
  • Made in Japan
Hubertus is 176cm tall, weighs 65kg and wears a size 31.
Jürgen is 188cm tall, weighs 85kg and wears a size 34.

The Samurai Cotton Project

The Samurai Cotton Project has set its sights on revitalizing traditional methods of 100% organic and domestic clothing production. By personally cultivating and hand-harvesting cotton, they are dedicated to creating garments of exceptional quality. However, this undertaking presents significant challenges in practice.

During the 1970s, Japan experienced a significant decline in cotton production, resulting in a heavy reliance on imported cotton. The utilization of modern production techniques, which relied on chemicals, raised concerns about health and environmental contamination.

Aligned with the principles of "making things in Japan, for Japan, in the Japanese way," the project strives to revive the sense of pride associated with traditional craftsmanship and pass down these invaluable techniques to future generations.

The project's commitment extends well beyond a single generation, aiming to reintroduce sustainable practices that uphold values of tradition, quality, and environmental well-being. Through the Samurai Cotton Project, they are actively redefining the landscape of clothing production and consumption.

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