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Samurai Kaminari Laundry Soap

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Samurai’s Kaminari (Thunder) natural laundry powder is sourced from soy beans (basically the recyclable residue of the production of soy sauce). Since 1922 the Japanese Motomiya soap factory traditionally produces Kaminari laundry soap using only three ingredients: water, virgin soy bean oil and caustic soda. Motomiya’s thunder soap is additive-free with a purity of 99%. Eco-friendly and particularly kind to the skin Samurai’s Kaminari soap natural super power is to remove dirt from your favorite pair of jeans in a easy, gentle and delicate way!

  • Samurai Kaminari Laundry Soap
  • 480 Gram (Net)
  • Sourced From Soy Beans (99% Purity)
  • Additive-Free
  • Optimal Dosage: Use 1 Tablespoonful Per Wash
  • Made in Japan

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