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Pendleton Wyeth Trail – Jacquard Blanket Robe / Oxford

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Pendleton's Wyeth Trail blanket comes in robe size, the size preferred by Native Americans for ceremonial purposes. Each blanket is always an impressive piece of art. The colorful spiritual patterns beautify any place, indoors or outdoors. To this day each blanket is made on vintage jacquard looms in Oregon, USA. They are a true relic of American craftsmanship and you will feel this fabulous quality when you snuggle into this blanket.

  • Pendleton Blanket Robe
  • Wyeth Trail
  • Oxford
  • 203cm x 163cm
  • 82% Pure Virgin Wool, 18% Cotton Jacquard
  • Unnapped (Uncombed Fabric For Sharper Pattern Definition)
  • Felt Bound
  • Dry Clean
  • Made in USA

     Wyeth Trail:

    In the Iroquois legend of the Three Sisters, beans, squash and corn grow together, thriving through the Native American practice of companion planting. Today, pure strains of Native crops are hard to come by. Seed saver banks in Decorah, Iowa and Tucson store precious seeds from long ago plants. In the harmonious colors of ancient corn varieties, a balanced pattern of rows echoes the ancient gardens, with arrows pointing in two directions – towards the past and the future!


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