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Buzz Rickson's X William Gibson MA-1 Flight Jacket - Slender Long / Black

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Buzz Rickson's x William Gibson Black MA-1 Slender marks a milestone in menswear history and is the crucial element of the fruitful and limited collaboration between Toyo Enterprise and best-selling novelist William Gibson.

In early 2003, Gibson released a groundbreaking new book titled "Pattern Recognition." An absorbing and masterfully crafted novel with a setting immediately following the events of "9-11," featuring a high-tech, super-hip, cyber-chic, anti-fashion sophisticate, Cayce Pollard, as the heroine. The most valued object of Cayce is her Black (!!!) Buzz Rickson's MA-1 Flight Jacket, which Gibson fictionalized as an admirer of Vintage clothing and especially as a fan of Buzz Rickson's. William Gibson was well aware that a black MA-1 jacket was neither produced by the USAF nor by Buzz Rickson's, but in his vision, Cayce Pollard's MA-1 had to be black! To make a long story short, by the end of 2004 Buzz Rickson's gave Gibson's vision life by creating this jacket as a centerpiece of their 10-year anniversary. The all-black William Gibson collection was born that year and turned into a cult in the year that followed.

The "Slender Long" version is especially designed for those who prefer something slimmer and less bulky than the original fit of 1950s MA-1 flight jackets.

  • Buzz Rickson's x William Gibson Black MA-1 Slender (Long)
  • BR14965
  • Shell: 2/2 Heavy Nylon Twill (1957 USAF Specs)
  • Lining: 58% Wool, 42% Cotton Pile (Undyed)
  • Authentic 1953 Crown Aluminum Zipper
  • 2 Wool/Rayon Lined Exterior Pockets
  • 2 Cotton Twill Lined Inner Pockets
  • Made in Japan
Hubertus is 176cm tall, weighs 65kg and wears a size 40.
Jürgen is 188cm tall, weighs 85kg and wears a size 42.


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