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Merz b. Schwanen Merino x Cashmere Crewneck Sweater – Dark Navy / LOCC01

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The crowning jewel of Merz b. Schwanen's new knitwear collection is the impeccably designed crewneck sweater, crafted from a luxuriously soft blend of Merino wool and the finest cashmere. This knitwear caresses the skin like no other, setting a standard of its own. Its understated design and easygoing fit make this sweater an absolute must-have for the chilly season. 

  • Merz b Schwanen Merino / Cashmere Crewneck Pullover
  • LOCC01
  • Dark Navy
  • Good Basics Collection
  • Relaxed Fit
  • 90% Merino Wool / 10% Cashmere
  • Sturdy & Rustic Optics
  • Extra-Long Ribs (Hem & Sleeves)
  • Set-In Sleeves
  • Fully-Fashioned Armhole / Ribbed Triangle Optic
  • Double-Layered
  • Swan Loop Label
  • Made in Portugal
                Hubertus is 176cm tall, weighs 65kg and wears a size 4.
                Jürgen is 188cm tall, weighs 85kg and wears a size 6.


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                FAQ about Merz b. Schwanen

                Where does Merz b. Schwanen produce?

                Merz b. Schwanen is a German brand and produces the GOOD ORIGINALS collection on old circular knitting machines/loopwheelers in Albstadt, a picturesque town on the Swabian Alb in Germany.
                Nowadays, traditional circular knitting factories can only be found in Germany and Japan. The feel, texture and robustness of circular knit fabrics are unique, and this is partly due to the effort required to knit one meter of fabric.
                Circular knitting machines are suspended, cylinder-shaped knitting machines that knit the fabric in the round at the body, creating a tube of fabric without side seams. Only one size can be produced at a time, and a loopwheeler can take up to an hour to knit one meter of this fabric quality.
                The oldest circular knitting machine owned by Merz b. Schwanen dates back to 1889.
                The Merz b. Schwanen brand was founded in 1911 by Balthasar Merz. In 2010, the brand was revived by Peter and Gitta Plotnicki and now also produces the wonderful qualities of the Good Basics line in Portugal with carefully selected partners.

                Merz b. Schwanen vs. Whitesville?

                Both the German brand Merz b. Schwanen and the Japanese label Whitesville know how to make a simple, really good T-shirt.
                Ever since the first season of the Disney TV series "The Bear: King of the Kitchen", both brands have been the talk of the town when it comes to the perfect white T-shirt. Both T-shirts are worn by the main character Jeremy Allen White in the series, which led to a veritable run on these two loophweel T-shirts. This phenomenon also made it into the headlines of the NY Times.
                Both T-shirts epitomize good old-fashioned quality, with the inimitable feel and robustness of the loopwheel distinguishing them from cheaper mass-produced T-shirts. The 8.6oz 215 from Merz b. Schwanen is produced on old loopwheelers in Germany and is slightly heavier than the 7oz jersey of the white Whitesville T-shirts. These come in a double pack and are produced on large knitting machines in Japan. The lack of side seams and the double-stitched and reinforced ribbed collar are quality features of both T-shirts and ensure that the fabric and collar do not stretch or wear out even when worn for long periods.

                Why is Merz b. Schwanen so expensive?

                The simple answer to this question is: quality.
                For example, both the world-famous 215 T-shirt and the super-heavy 2S14 T-shirts are still produced on old loopwheel machines in Germany (the oldest loopwheeler in the Swabian Alb dates back to 1889!!!).
                These old loopwheelers are very rare nowadays and work purely mechanically, so that every adjustment has to be made manually with a great deal of sensitivity. Knitting one meter of fabric can take up to an hour and is inefficient and very costly and labor-intensive in today's mass production environment.
                Nonetheless, the loopwheeled end product justifies every single cent through its durability, feel, texture and inimitable wearing comfort.

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                Discover the essence of Merz b. Schwanen, a brand deeply rooted in the heart of Germany, with its origins on the picturesque Schwäbische Alb. Immerse yourself in the artistry of "Merz beim Schwanen," where tradition meets modernity. From the vibrant streets of Berlin to the craftsmanship of Albstadt, our curated collection celebrates the authentic spirit of Merz b. Schwanen. Look for the label with the words "Made in Germany." Merz b. Schwanen also offers a wide range of products for women. Explore the comfort and style of Chino pants, paired with the sophistication of Henley shirts. Furthermore, their collection features the famous button placket shirt, a testament to the brand's commitment to quality. Wrap yourself in the warmth of Beanies and knitted caps, showcasing the fine art of knitting that sets Merz b. Schwanen apart.

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