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Studio D’Artisan 5697 ‚Kurozome‘ Heavyweight Sashiko Shirt – Kyoto Black / Hand Dyed

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This hand-dyed Sashiko shirt from Studio D’Artisan is truly something special, a black diamond if you will, and if I may say so, a rare Japanese cultural treasure. The incredibly heavy Sashiko fabric has been meticulously hand-dyed black countless times by the dye masters of Kyoto Montsuki, embodying the "perfect black".

The Japanese term 'Kurozome' refers to a traditional method of black dyeing, where 'Kuro' means black, and 'zome' refers to the technique of dyeing. The tradition of black dyeing has been perfected by Kyoto Montsuki since the Heian period, with the relentless pursuit of the ultimate black being absolutely meaningful.

Traditionally, garments were first hand-dyed countless times in either red or indigo, before being dyed into the deep black color using a natural pigment from betel nuts (Binroji). This laborious dyeing technique increased the strength of the fabric to the extent that it was said to be impenetrable by a sword, leading to its popularity among the samurai. This meticulous process of black dyeing, requiring the expertise of dye craftsmen and years of experience, involves subtly adjusting the temperature of the dye while repeatedly dyeing the fabric over dozens of times.

·      Studio D’Artisan Heavyweight Sashiko Work Shirt

·      5697

·      Regular Fit

·      100% Cotton

·      Original Heavyweight Sashiko Fabric

·      Kyoto Montsuki Black / Hand Dyed

·      Tagua Nut Buttons

·      One Wash: Minimal Shrinkage

·      Made in Japan

Hubertus is 176cm tall, weighs 65kg and wears a size 40.
Jürgen is 188cm tall, weighs 85kg and wears a size 44.


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