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Indigofera x Atldax ‘Yorick’ Blanket – Norwegian Wool

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An Indigofera blanket for eternity. The vibrant 'Yorick' design is a tribute to Shakespeare's most well-known drama, Hamlet. Skulls, mouse traps, and gravediggers serve as Björn Atldax's splendid homage to Shakespeare's masterpiece.

All Indigofera blankets are made in a small family-run weaving mill in Norway. Even the wool comes from free-range sheep from the region, and, of course, you can feel that.

  • Indigofera X Björn Atldax Yorick Blanket
  • 100% Norwegian Wool
  • Design: Björn Atldax
  • Dimensions: 205cm x 150cm
  • Made in Norway

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