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Indigofera x Atldax ‘Kapala’ Blanket – Norwegian Wool / Skull Project Collection

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An Indigofera blanket for eternity. The 'Kapala' blanket is part of the project 'The Skull Blankets' by artist Björn Atldax, which he has been designing in collaboration with Indigofera since 2015.

'Kapala' is a Sanskrit term meaning 'skull,' and it serves as a vessel employed in tantric rituals. Traditionally filled with body parts, semen, and blood, in contemporary times, it is commonly repurposed for holding cookies and fruit.

All Indigofera blankets are made in a small family-run weaving mill in Norway. Even the wool comes from free-range sheep from the region, and, of course, you can feel that.

  • Indigofera X Björn Atldax Yorik Blanket
  • 100% Norwegian Wool
  • Design: Björn Atldax
  • Dimensions: 205cm x 150cm
  • Made in Norway

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