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Pendleton Oversized Jacquard Beach Towel – Wyeth Trail

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Supersize your summer with this oversized jacquard beach towel featuring Pendleton's colorful Wyeth Trail design. The towel is oversized and extra plush, with a terry velour texture that is velvety soft on one side and looped for excellent absorbency on the other. Its thickness and incredibly soft feel make it a must-have for beach or poolside fun. Each Pendleton jacquard towel is specially woven to maintain its vibrant color even after multiple washes. With these towels, summer is all about pure relaxation!

  • Pendleton Supersized Jaquard Spa Towel
  • Wyeth Trail
  • Beige
  • 100% Cotton
  • 530 GSM
  • Hanging Loop
  • Dimension: 178cm X 102cm

        The Highland Peak Pattern:

        The Highland Peak is the tallest mountain in the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the longest continuous mountain range in the United States. In this blanket pattern, the Sierra Nevada and the Highland Peak are depicted through interlocking groups of triangles in uninterrupted bands.

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