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TSPTR 'Freedom or Death' Raglan T-Shirt - White


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TSPTR “Freedom or Death” Raglan T-Shirt featuring a Vintage 1960s Yippie design. The print is a reproduction of a Yippie protest design against the US involvement in the Vietnam War.


"On August 6, 1970 (the anniversary of Hiroshima), Disneyland abruptly shut down. Around 30,000 visitors were kicked out of the park, and it wasn’t due to a national crisis. It was due to a group of about 300 young “Yippies,” who invaded the park with grand plans of capturing Tom Sawyer Island, liberating Minnie Mouse, and generally making a mockery of Disney's All American values. Yippies were members of the Youth International Party, a political organization started by Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman in 1967. 

The activists planned to use their time protesting the U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War. The Yippies took issue with a major Disney park sponsor, Bank of America. It wasn’t just a big, obvious symbol of capitalism but also, a virtual sponsor of the Vietnam War. " (  

  • TSPTR Freedom or Death Raglan T-Shirt
  • White
  • 100%Cotton
  • Made in Portugal

Model: Jürgen is 188cm tall, weighs 85kg and wears a size Large.

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