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Samurai Jeans “Ranji 2023” 7oz Loopwheeled Inlay T-Shirt – Ivory / Ripened Cotton

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The Samurai Ranji 2023 Tee pays homage to traditional Japanese product design by incorporating elements of ukiyo-e style, skillfully blended with the distinctive aesthetic of Samurai Jeans. During the Meiji Period (1868-1912), tea and silk stood as Japan's foremost exports, and the tea boxes used for shipping, known as "Ranji," are considered precursors of modern Japanese graphic design. These boxes gained global recognition during that era.

The T-shirt is crafted from Samurai's original 7oz loopwheeled inlay fabric, utilizing ripened cotton fibers. To achieve its exceptional quality and superior softness, Samurai has diligently aged the cotton for 50 days in a greenhouse, mimicking the freshness of newly picked fibers. For the ripened cotton T-shirt series, the fabric is intricately knitted on vintage loopwheel machines in Wakayama, yielding a production rate of only 48cm of fabric per hour. When it comes to the pinnacle of loopwheel knitting, this garment represents the epitome of excellence.

  • Samurai Jeans Ripened Cotton T-Shirt
  • SJST23-106
  • Ivory
  • Slim Fit
  • 100% Cotton
  • Original 14-Gauge 7oz Loopwheeled Inlay Fabric
  • 3-Needle Binder Neck
  • Ribbed Collar
  • Side Seams
  • One Wash – No Shrinkage
  • Made in Japan
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