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Avant Magazine Volume 1 - An Anthology of American Workwear

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Avant Magazine Volume 1: An Anthology of American Workwear is a fascinating exploration of the history and culture of American workwear. This anthology features a collection of essays, interviews, and photographs that showcase iconic American brands and their enduring influence on workwear fashion. From Levi's to Carhartt to Red Wing Shoes, this volume covers the most iconic and enduring brands of American workwear. With contributions from experts in the field, including denim expert Michael Paradise and fashion historian Sarah Jane Downing, Avant Magazine Volume 1 offers unique insights and perspectives on American workwear. Beautifully designed and visually stunning, this volume is a must-read for anyone interested in fashion, design, or American culture.

  • Avant Magazine Volume 1
  • An Anthology of American Workwear
  • English Edition
  • 194 Pages
  • Editor Eric Maggiori

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