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Andersen-Andersen Skipper Jacket - Grey

€379,95 €299,95

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Andersen-Andersen’s Skipper Jacket is a firmly knitted cardigan in half cardigan stitch with double folded sleeve ribs. The Skipper Jacket has a cropped fit and side pockets with roll edges and super versatile to wear as or underneath a jacket. The front placket features real buffalo horn buttons and inside placket tape. Fully fashioned knitted and linked together, only the inside of the pocket is overlocked. All assemblies are reinforced with bar tacks. Knitted on a 7 gauge flat knitting machine with 4 threads extra spun merino wool for a medium and durable quality.

A Andersen-Andersen sweater is a testament of craft, knitted to last a lifetime and maybe the world’s best sailor sweater! Andersen-Andersen is all about a deep passion of making beautiful, functional and durable things to an affordable price. Our friends from Copenhagen constructed a sweater that would last longer than any other, without pilling or losing shape by marrying a minimalistic Danish design philosophy, maritime tradition and Italian craftsmanship.

  • Andersen-Andersen Skipper Jacket
  • Grey
  • 100% Merino Wool (Sourced in Patagonia)
  • Long-Fibre Merino Wool, Mulesing Free, Worsted & Extra-Spun
  • 7-Gauge Flat Knit
  • Buffalo Horn Buttons
  • Designed in Denmark
  • Knitted & Linked in Italy
Measurements in cm. M L XL
Shoulder 44 46 48
Lenght 61 63 65
Chest  54 56 58
Sleeve  59 60 61