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Andersen-Andersen Sailor Turtleneck - Camel

€299,95 €199,95

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Andersen-Andersen’s Sailor Turtleneck is knitted in half cardigan stitch and entirely symmetrical (there is no front- or backside!). The Sailor Turtleneck is regular-fitted featuring a signature high collar and extended sleeve ribs with thumb holes. Knitted on a 7 gauge flat knitting machine with 4 threads extra spun merino wool for a medium weight and durable quality. Andersen’s Turtleneck is fully-fashioned knitted and linked together, reinforced with bar tacks.

A Andersen-Andersen sweater is a testament of craft, knitted to last a lifetime and maybe the world’s best sailor sweater! Andersen-Andersen is all about a deep passion of making beautiful, functional and durable things to an affordable price. Our friends from Copenhagen constructed a sweater that would last longer than any other, without pilling or losing shape by marrying a minimalistic Danish design philosophy, maritime tradition and Italian craftsmanship.

  • Andersen-Andersen Sailor Turtleneck
  • Camel
  • 100% Merino Wool (Sourced in Patagonia)
  • Long-Fibre Merino Wool, Mulesing Free, Worsted & Extra-Spun
  • 7-Gauge Flat Knit
  • Designed in Denmark
  • Knitted & Linked in Italy